The Borowec Innocence Project
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Ihor A. Procak - Winnipeg
   Dear Fr. Borowec, You have my unwavering support and belief in your innocence, and I know these unfounded charges will be dropped, and you will be freed to return to minister to your people. Sincerely, with great respect, Ihor

Father Bohdan Lukie CSsR - Winnipeg
   We are most pleased to hear that Fr. Bohdan B has been declared innocent. God bless him and we must pray for the accuser also.

Jaroslaw Ochrymowicz - Winnipeg
   Dear Father Bohdan, We are very pleased to hear that you are quitted of all charges, although, we have never doubt your innocence. We are very thrilled for you to return back to our parish and to start our regular church masses again. And we are very grateful for you to be part of our weekly services again. - Jaroslaw Ochrymowicz, President of Christ The King Church

Sr. Christine
   CIX! I just got back from retreat, and saw this ... Alleluia!!! You've been in my prayers from start to finish. Now, time to pray for deep healing for this woman, and for a healing re-integration for you coming home!! God be praised!

Carol Wilson- Winnipeg
   Dear Father, My heart and soul are with you during this time of adversity. You helped with the burial of my and Andy's friend last year. You left a tremendous impression with me of your powerful yet musical presentation. My prayers will join those of the masses.

More Messages of Support from Friends of Father Bohdan Borowic
Rev. Greg Zubacz, Chancellor of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg
   The archeparchy is grateful for all prayers and support received to date on behalf of Father Borowec and is pleased that he was exonerated.

Rose Marie Giasolli - Hawai'i
   I am so thankful for the judges seeing the true story. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Some people will do anything for fame and money. You, who do so much for the Lord and his people. The devil is always at work especially attacking the good people close to our Lord. I'm truly sorry too that this happened in our wonderful State and Country. Please forgive us and come back where you are respected and loved. One person doing so much harm!! Please return to this place that our sweet Lord made so beautiful.. Warmest aloha, and God Bless you, Rose Marie Giasolli

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Kristin Bland
   Dear Father Borowec, I have just heard about your horrible ordeal today, the 28th of Aug, and I am praising God that the truth was revealed! My heart goes out to you for what you must have gone through, and, unfortunately, what you STILL may be going through. Even though there are those who may have doubted you, I know there are many more who stayed firmly by your side. What a wonderful blessing. I will be lifting you up in prayer today in mass. I will also be praying for the woman who accused you, she is in much need of all of our prayers. God bless you!