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Yaroslava Demko, M. A. - Winnipeg
  The Ukrainian community is shocked and in deep sorrow to learn about the sexual accusation made on our beloved priest, father Bohdan Borowec. It is unthinkable and unbelievable nonsense because we known him for very, very long time.   
   If I may, I will speak for myself.  I have known father Borowec over 30 years, even before he became a priest.  I witnessed his vocation in 1985 and I also was present at his first celebration of the Mass as well as I was present on his 25th Anniversary of his priesthood on Dec. 13th, 2010 in Winnipeg.   Father Borowec comes from a very religious, honest and hardworking family, where the love for God-our Creator, and love for all the people were their priorities. Having such a good example, the young Bohdan dedicated his life to serve God and people.  Most of his priesthood years have been in Winnipeg serving Ukrainian Catholic Churches and Ukrainian Community, where everybody knew him.    
   He worked with children, youth as well as with the people of all ages, men and women. His sermons were very well prepared and organized. His preaches were based on Holy Bible, full of moralities and love for one another that helped many of the young as well as old people in their hard times.  
   As a Principal of the Ukrainian School as well as a President of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, Manitoba Branch I am expressing my personal opinion that I do believe that Father Bohdan Borowec is innocent.
Sr. Michaila, SSJ - Edmonton
   This is a promise of prayers from myself and the Sisters of St. Joseph who have known Fr. Borowec for many, many years: we indeed pray for Fr. B. (always have) and for the past few months have added prayers for the woman who has initiated this trial. (Forgive us a tiny chuckle in the midst of these worrisome matters, as we have just read on this website that Father closed a door to stop a draft. That is so Father B.)

WD - Winnipeg
    There have been a number of Divine Liturgies celebrated for you Father Bohdan. I pray daily that God protect and comfort you and your family during this time. I also pray that God touch the hearts of all those involved in the court proceedings so the truth comes out and God's will be done. May God Bless You Z'Namu Boh my friend! 

More Messages of Support from Friends of Father Bohdan Borowic
Miroslaw Waplak - Winnipeg
  With this letter, I would like to give information regarding Father Bohdan Borowic.  I know and remember him from my childhood, when I was a in grammar school and a student in Poland. We both lived in the same neighbourhood.  As a young man, he was a quiet, well brought up, gentle young man and of the best behaviour. As a student he was active in our community and student life. Because he was a good and gentle person, with a friendly disposition to others, his parents were very proud of him.  When I came to Winnipeg in 1990, I met him again here, for the first time as a priest. And I would like to say, and emphasize, that he was and is now, always helpful to the needy, not only here in Canada, but also outside of our country, and because of his kindness, he is much respected and loved by the people.
Fr. Michael Winn - Ottawa
    I just found this website this morning. Please tell Fr Bohdan that I as his brother priest in Christ continue to pray for him, especially for strength during this incredulous and difficult time, that even in this he may bear witness to Christ, the Way, the Truth and our Life.

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