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Yaroslava Demko, B. Ed. B.A., M.A. - Winnipeg
   Dear Father Bohdan Borowec, We all know that you are innocent !!! No doubt about it. Bur remember, our Lord Jesus Christ was Saint and innocent, but He suffered so much ! We know that you are suffering a great pain and injustice. Please be strong!! We are with you with our prayers. Do not give up! The truth will overcome! Your pain is also the pain of all Ukrainian Community in Winnipeg. We need our Priest now! Yaroslava Demko, President of Canadian Ukrainian Social Services MB in Winnipeg

Paul Pankiw - Winnipeg
   Peace be with you Father Borowec. You may never know why this strange event happened to you, but hopefully you can somehow turn it into a blessing for yourself and others. This too, shall pass! May the love and light of God be within you and comfort you. Warmest regards, Paul Pankiw

 Hazel Borodey - Winnipeg
  I have known Fr. Borowec since he started at Holy Ghost UUC, in 2004. I have picked him up, driven him around to church and to visit sick parishioners, to appointments, and I have had him in my house to bless my home.  I don't believe in the accusation that he has to face. I am always remembering Fr. Borowec in my prayers and masses. Yours in Christ Hazel Borodey

Fenton Jordan - Winnipeg
   Hello Father Unfortunately this type of stalking is not uncommon but I'm sure that when the facts emerge at trial,you will be totally vindicated. This may be one of those times when indeed a dark cloud has a silver lining because after all you could be in Thompson! Good Luck my friend. 

 Jean Motkaluk - Winnipeg
  I have known Fr. Borowec for approx. 10 years - never have I seen him act inappropriately towards any parishioners--caring, sincere YES -- what he is accused of is totally unbelievable. Fr Borowec does not deserve to be going through all this as I know Fr Borowec could never done what he is accused of.  Sincerely, Jean Motkaluk

Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski - Winnipeg
    Fr. Bohdan, Slava Isusu Khrystu! Know that you are in my prayer and in the prayers of countless others as well. In fact you have been remembered daily since the news was first heard. We ask our good and merciful Lord that he would bless you and everyone who in any way is involved in this case and we ask that His compassionate justice will be shown. I am truly inspired by the good will I perceive on the part of anyone who speaks of you or this trial. I have not encountered any ill-will or animosity to any party, but only trust in the Lord that in the end justice will prevail and all those involved will do the right thing and be blessed for it. I know I will see you soon! Your brother, Fr. Michael 

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