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Andrew Pankiw - Winnipeg
    I am the President of Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Parish where Father Borowec serves as parish priest.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Father Borowec since 2004 when he was assigned to our Parish.   We have associated both professionally and socially and at no time whatsoever have I ever witnessed behaviour of the type he is alleged to have displayed on February 13, 2011. Also, I have never witnessed or heard of behaviour that would even arouse suspicion that he was prone to such conduct. 
     My observances of his character and actions over these past 7 years have solidified my impression that Father Borowec is altruistic through his charitable work, conscientious in serving the needs of his parishioners, fervent in his fight for social justice for the less fortunate and repressed, as well as determined in preserving the Ukrainian language and traditions of our church of the Byzantine Rite.
     Despite the allegations made against Father Bohdan Borowec, I vehemently state that I would have no hesitation to allow my son, daughter, mother, sisters, or any other member of our congregation or the general public to be alone in the same room with this man for an extended period of time and have no compunction towards their safety or well being!

Alexander Pankiw - Winnipeg
   My name is Alexander Pankiw and I am 15 years old. I have known Father Bohdan Borowec for seven years, when he was assigned to be the priest of the parish I attend, Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church, in 2004. Over that time, I have gotten to know Father Bohdan very well. Something I will add is that over those seven years, I have served with Father Bohdan at the altar, giving us something in common. 
   One thing that has really stood out for me is the humorous, energetic character that Father Bohdan has. He always goes out of his way to put a smile on those around him, and completely fulfill his mission as a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Father Bohdan and I have had many one on one conversations and over that time, Father Bohdan is someone I am able to trust. No matter what I have to talk about, whether it is my daily life, or something more religious, he is always ready to talk. Therefore, I classify Father Bohdan as one of my friends, if not one of my best friends. I want to stress the importance of Father Bohdan not only my life, but in those of which he serves. To say the least, our parish is a community, and Father Bohdan is a vital character in it.   Father Bohdan is cared about by many, and the humorous, energetic, charismatic man is missed by all of us. 

Betty Steeves - Winnipeg
   Hello Father, Soon it will all be over and you will be at home here and serving mass at Holy Ghost and Christ the King. We miss you. Your parishoner Betty Steeves

Maryka Gawron and Family - Winnipeg
   Father Borowec is an innocent and trusting man.  To see him  arrested by the authorities and accused of being a public offender is unthinkable. He enjoys our highest respect. We are mystified at how this unfortunate priest could be considered a sex offender and kidnapper. Media portrayals of him as such have ruined his reputation and will threaten his livelihood in spite of the fact that we are convinced that the charges against him are false and must eventually be dismissed.  We hope to have our priest, whom we love and respect very much, back home with us as soon as possible.
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