The Borowec Innocence Project
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Lubomyr and Lesia Melnyk and Family - Winnipeg
  We wish to express our deepest disbelief and grave concern over the complaints against Fr. Borowec, as well as his treatment in Hawaii.  We are members of Christ The King church in Winnipeg. We have found Fr. Borowec to be an outstanding figure in his religious fervour and moral behaviour. He is an extremely kind and helpful person, who constantly shows exceptional care for others and the less fortunate. He is remarkably generous to help the poor, and has always shown a great and sincere concern for the well-being of the church and for our faith in Christ our Lord. He is a most morally correct person and inspires us all in our everyday life.  He changed our hearts to become more generous and more helpful towards others, and to follow his footsteps in charitable projects. He is a person who lives without a car, without his own house, and we see he wears the same clothing, year after year. He always asks us to help for the orphans, especially the child orphans on the streets to save them from a life of prostitution and trafficking. He is a true inspiration to us all in the parish, leading us to a more holy life and greater nearness to God. He is a model priest who is always ready for Holy Mass and prepares his sermons with great care and time-consuming efforts.   His Faith and his religious fervour are most sincere, and we would say, that many, many other priests should take guidance from him. He is truly good human being. We really need him back.

Lesia Koval - Winnipeg
    Dear Fr. Borowec, I and my children and husband, again, want to send you our support and faith, and prayers. We know that you are a very sensitive person and that you are suffering a great deal being held for so long and so far away from your parishioners and family here in Winnipeg. We strongly believe in your innocence, and are all very upset and are also suffering by the enormous troubles created for us all by just one person so far away. We believe that justice will overcome, and that the court will see that a terrible mistake was made. We believe that innocence must be assumed in all court cases and that simply making accusations is not evidence. My entire family knows you for several years to be a remarkably good person, a person who brings God's light into this world, and who is dedicated to doing GOOD works wherever you may be. May God help bring you back to us soon! We miss you a great deal! your parishioner, Lesia Koval 

Dr. Mary Pankiw - Winnipeg
    I am a senior woman, and lifetime member of Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church, since its corner stone was laid in 1932. A retired educator, who taught over 42 years, I was Parish President of this Church from 1994-99. Currently, I am the recording secretary, as of February 27, 2008. Also, I was President of the Winnipeg Regional Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, from 1997-99.
   I have known Rev. Bohdan Borowec, since 2004, when he was assigned to our Church. His behaviour has always been such as we expect from a Priest. I have not seen or heard of any misconduct on his part. His service of over 25 years as a Priest has been impeccable.
   When I learned of the allegations against Rev. Borowec, I, along with our parishioners, was shocked. This news didn’t portray our Priest in the way we have always seen him.  His positive attributes make him an easy target and, therefore, vulnerable. His positive qualities make him an easy prey for someone to take advantage of him.   
   I believe Rev. Bohdan Borowec to be innocent, and a victim of the circumstances as they have occurred.
Yours in Christ,  Dr. Mary Pankiw

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