The Borowec Innocence Project
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Those Who Know Him
 Family members of Father Bohdan Borowec - Winnipeg
   We have absolute faith that our Father Borowec is innocent of all charges that have been brought against him. Those of us who know him, know that he is incapable of committing such an offense against another human being or indeed of even conceiving of or considering such an act. His life has been dedicated to the spiritual well-being of others, and we believe that his own strong spiritual beliefs are helping him during this difficult time.  
   We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the many expressions of support we have received from our friends and from parishioners at Christ the King and Holy Ghost churches. We will forward your cards and letters and your good wishes to Honolulu. 
   In the meantime the situation has had its toll on our family, especially on our 83 year old father who is already in ill-health. It has been so difficult for us to read the reports in the newspapers. We ask that people remember that these are simply articles written by a journalist. They do not represent the truth. There are many unanswered questions and inconsistencies in the charges. It saddens us that it is so easy to defame an honorable man and it concerns us that those who do not know him will take these statements as fact. 
   We also regret that this may reflect badly on the Ukrainian Catholic church and the Ukrainian community, both of which we are deeply connected to and cherish. 
   We hope that people will find strength in the very spiritual beliefs that Father Borowec encourages us to develop, and know that his name will be cleared in due course and all this will be put to rest.  

Father Bohdan Lukie CSsR - Winnipeg
  More than willing to support Father Borowec and to let him know we are praying that this trial in his life may be resolved honestly and faithfully! God bless you, Fr. Bohdan
Rev. Pat Labasano, SSS - Honolulu / Philippines
  Peace be with you Fr. Borowec, I've worked with the Diocese of Honolulu for more than 3 years. Just came back to the Philippines early of May this year for my new assignment. Indeed how difficult it is to be in this dilemma you find yourself in. But I pray daily for you before the Blessed Sacrament and remember your intention in my daily Mass that the truth will prevail and the court will exonerate you. Your fidelity to your priesthood deserves appreciation, support and love. I truly believe you are an innocent, holy man. The enemy is trying his best to destroy Christ's Church by striking Christ's shepherd hoping that by doing this the sheep will be scattered. Hold on to your faith Father Borowec. Hold on to Jesus. I'm one with you in storming the heavens with our prayers. I'll offer acts of sacrifice for your cause. God bless you always Fr. Borowec. Mama Mary, our Mother of Perpetual Help, Pray for Fr. Borowec. Pray for all your children.
Fr. Ivan Mostivsky - Winnipeg
   Father Bohdan Borowec, I am praying for you. May our Gracious God be with you and encourage YOU, when you're in "Life Desert." Ivan Mostivsky, your brother in Christ.