The Borowec Innocence Project
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(Bothdan Borowic in some records)
- Innocent Priest CLEARED of All Charges -
Father Borowec celebrated the Divine Liturgy at his two Winnipeg parishes Sunday Sept. 11,2011.
Christ the King and Holy Ghost parishioners are happy and grateful to have him home again.
In February 2011, 56 year old Bohdan Borowec, a highly respected and much cherished priest living in Winnipeg Canada, traveled to Honolulu for the vacation of his lifetime.  The vacation became a nightmare when he was falsely accused of sexual assault by a female visitor to the local Ukrainian Catholic Church there.  Father Borowec was held awaiting trial, away from family and friends and his life, for six months.  All that time the internet was full of newspaper reports which only listed the unbelievable charges.  His name was listed on sites accusing him of even more vile crimes.  This website was  launched in the hope of setting the record straight.​  The jury trial finally began August 1st and ended August 8th with Father Borowec found Not Guilty on all counts.  Those of us who know him, knew that all along.
Father Bohdan Borowec has been found NOT GUILTY on all counts.​  See the official statement from The Law Office of attorney Shawn Luiz  on the next page.
A message from Fr. Borowec: The most sincere thanks to all who prayed for me. 
You will be in my prayers at the altar. It is time for reflection and healing. 
Peace be with you and may Holy Mother Mary protect you. + Fr. B. Borowec